A company involved in service and maintenance

We work with our partners to optimize project plans that comply, not only with the perfection of the products, but also with the delivery times, crucial aspects for success in a highly competitive market, where every day counts. The industry has consistently embraced innovation, in order to offer superior levels of excellence to our very important customers, having already carried out various types of construction, mechanical, reconfiguration projects, etc.

& Gas

With the direct involvement of E.A.T.S in the supply, FAT (factory acceptance test), installation, commissioning and start-up phases, several oil and gas fiscal measurement systems built by the manufacturers Krohne and ODS are installed and in full operation. axial valves of various types (on-off, control, throttling and check) and safety systems HIPPS (fast acting on-off valves in severe conditions) from Mokveld and various types of actuators from Rotork (electric, pneumatic and hydraulic).

& Beverages

With the involvement of E.A.T.S in the supply phases, equipment manufactured by Krohne (flow and level meters, dosers and pressure and temperature transmitters) are installed in several soft drink and beer factories in Angola.


Involvement of E.A.T.S in several maintenance and diagnostic projects for equipment manufactured by Krohne (flow meters) in operation at various EPAL (Public Water Company) facilities in the provinces of Luanda and Huambo.